Chester Forsh

Recreational games syllabus
This update is as of April 16,2020.

Your assignment for the days out of school ( per day) Option #1 do your daily exercise warm up routine and video it and email it to me. I will post the email account at the end of the assignment options .
Option # 2 research information on any lifetime sport, physical fitness program, or a historical person or event in some sport. I.E. the rules for tennis. or four square, or golf, or an event like the Master's.
If you have questions about the class please refer to the syllabus listed above.
You may email your documents to me or bring them when we return to school.

At this time it will not be possible to bring assignments upon return to school. For this reason you need to email them to me at the email address below. At this point i HAVE ONLY HEARD FROM THREE (3) students .This is less than a 20 % rate of assignment return. I am very sorry  that we have no control of this situation. 

[email protected]  is the email you should use.

Please take these assignments seriously. Please remember personal hygiene and all the recommendations from the World Health Organization.

Have a great & Blessed day and time off.

Your health & fitness is at stake!!!!!!

yours for health and fitness

Coach Chet Forsh

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