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World History Syllabus 

Digital Learning World History
(Digital Learning Office Hours 10:00-3:00pm) 
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*****Due to the extension to digital learning please email me any work you have completed. You can email me a picture of work you have done on your own paper***

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Day 1 and 2

Day Three and Four

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7 and 8

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11 and 12

Day 13

Day 14

Day 15



Colombian Exchange Reading 

Cortes and Pizarro Readings

Videos for Monday 4/13/20

Week 4 Lecture and link if needed

Lecture week 4

Week 5

Instructions for week 5

Monday 4/20/20

Tuesday 4/21/20

French Revolution Begins

Wednesday 4/22/20


Thursday 4/23/20

Friday 4/24/20

Haitian Revolution

Week 6

Monday 4/27/20

Tuesday 4/28/20

Tuesday Assignment

Wednesday 4/29/20

Wednesday Assignment

Thursday 4/30/20

Online lecture Friday 5/1/20

**Discussion Question in video. (quiz grade)**

Friday Assignment

Week 7

Monday 5/4/20

Tuesday 5/5/20 And Wednesday 5/6/20

Tuesday and Wednesday Assignment

Thursday 5/6/20
Video Lecture on youtube
***Important Info***
This weeks video is split into two parts due to an issue with recording. Part one will go live Wednesday afternoon. Part two will go live at the normal 11:00 am on Thursday. Make sure you watch both parts AND complete the discussion question this week!


Part 2

Friday 5/7/20

Friday Assignment

Week 8

This is the final week for regular assignments! Next week will be used to make up any missing assignments and our year will come to an end. Thank you to those of you who have committed to doing all of the work!

This week we will have videos on Monday and Friday. An assignment on Hitlers rise to power on Tuesday and Wednesday and our final lecture with a discussion question on Thursday! On Friday you just need to turn in the two day hitler assignment and your discussion question.

Monday 5/11

Tuesday 5/12 and Wednesday 5/13

Hitler road to power.pdf

Thursday 5/14

Online Lecture

Friday 5/15