Michelle Pruitt

Michelle Pruitt

Online Learning Assignments

All Assignments now on Google Classroom. This is where all completed classwork needs to be turned in.

Online Lessons

Online Book link: www.cengage.com
User Name: [email protected]
Password: Tigers1

Core III

You will be completing IDEALS, Chapter 31 and Chapter 32 over the next several days. You may print out the worksheets and write your answers or write the questions and answers on notebook paper. All work must be turned in when you return.

March 16th Day 1 Business Expectations  IDEALS
Business Expec Student Questions.doc

March 17th Day 2 Decision Making IDEALS

March 18th Day 3 Etiquette IDEALS
IDEALS_Etiquette power point.pptx
Write a 2 paragraph summary

March 19th Day 4 Relational Communication IDEAS
Which color are you and how would that color affect you in your career (think about the pros and cons)? Write a one paragraph.

March 20th Day 5 Team Dynamics IDEALS
Team Dynamics.pdf

March 23rd Day 6  Time Planning and Priorities IDEALS  Questions 1-35 

March 24th Day 7 Chapter 31 Questions 1-35  
Chapter 31.pdf

March 25th Day 8 Chapter 31 Questions 36-43  

March 26th Day 9 Chapter 31 Questions 44-54 

March 27th Day 10 Chapter 31 Questions 55-62 

March 30th Day 11 Essential Experience Worksheets for Chapter 31

March 31st Day 12 Chapter 32 Questions 1-27
Chapter 32.pdf

April 1st Day 13 Chapter 32 Questions 28-55

April 2nd Day 14 Chapter 32 Questions 56-81

Intro to Personal Care Services

If you did not come to school on Friday, March 13th you need to finish your Body System Project. This has to be turned in when you return.

You will be completing 
Chapter 9, 10, 25, and 26 over the next several days. You may print out the worksheets and write your answers or write the questions and answers on notebook paper.

March 16th Day 1 Questions 1-40  Chapter 9.pdf

March 17th Day 2 Questions 41-57

March 18th Day 3 Essential Experience Worksheets for Chapter 9  9.pdf

March 19th Day 4 Questions 1-51   Chapter 10.pdf

March 20th Day 5  Essential Experience Worksheets for Chapter 10  10.pdf

March 23rd Day 6 Questuins 1-40 Chapter 25.pdf

March 24th Day 7 Questions 41-81

March 25th Day 8 Questions 1-52 chapter 26.pdf

March 26th Day 9 Essential Experience Worksheets for Chapter 25 25 and 26.pdf

March 27th Day 10 Essential Experience Worksheets for Chapter 26

March 30th Day 11 Watch Video link below.  Write the manicure steps.

March 31st Day 12 Watch Video link below.  Write the pedicure steps.

April 1st Day 13 Watch Video link below.  Write the Sculptured nail acrylic for state board steps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKZca4j_w2E

April 2nd Day 14 Watch Video link below. Make a 15 questions test with information from the PowerPoint.