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Visual Arts I 
Digital Learning Assignment:

Week 1
Review the powerpoint on Art criticism to help complete the  

Art Criticism  Worksheet. Please email your completed worksheets! 

Take some time to find a work of art that you like at one of the following websites:
The LouvreThe Metropolitan Museum of ArtThe High Museum of Art, or WikiArt.org

Week 2
Please go to this website.  Choose one of the 13 videos and watch it. 
When you are finished send me an email to let me know which one you watched and something you observed. You can type a few sentences about the theme or maybe tell me about the art that stood out to you.   I don't want an essay! I just want your impressions.
Miss you all,  I mean it!
Week 3

You know you can make art out of anything! This week let's make some art. Choose One of the three activities below and share it with me.  There are two ways to share, email me using the link to the right or tag me in an instagram post @tiahenson #artdchs

1.) Zen Doodle!
Are you bored? Anxious? Confused? Turn off your thoughts and follow your pen across the paper. THere are NO RULES for doodles. My only advice is to take your time and don't stop until there isn't any room left on your paper. 
Use what you have, a post-it, an envelope, a piece of notebook paper

2.)Still Life
Create a still life and take a picture with your phone. Make your still life interesting by carefully selecting objects. Think about variety, choose objects of varying shapes, sizes, and textures. Don't forget to overlap objects, and pay attention to the background. 

3.) Life imitates Life
The Getty Museum in LA is challenging people to recreate famous works of Art. Check it out here. Choose a famous painting to recreate

Don't forget to share your work: email [email protected] or tag @tiahenson on Instagram

Visual Arts III and IV
Continue to work on your March Project. If you have difficulty with Art supplies use this time to plan your April Project in your Sketchbook

Week 2&3 Please email me a project that I can share with the class. We will not be able to meet for Critique this month. I will be thinking about how we can share, suggestions and compliments. Remember Art can be anything! you just have to be able to defend it.

I can't wait to see what you have done!

IB Assessments 
1st and 2nd year IB students should continue to work on External Assessments

1st Years, don't forget I'm here for you! email me all of the questions send me slides for feedback, text me pictures of your art for critique!

2nd Years send me external assessments!! I challenge you to take one day to finish that comparative study. Pretend one day is all you have left, send it to me. Who knows maybe it is already perfect!

Visual Arts Syllabus


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